Falut’s morning.

In the morning, light snow cover around Falut. It seems to be quite similar to Neil Armstrong’s picture taken from Chad’s country. Or such pictures can be taken from here: p.
Falut is located on the India-Nepal border. Its distance from Sandakanfu is about 21 km. From November to February the temperature here is close to zero. Sometimes less, sometimes more. From here Kanchenjunga can be seen very clearly. There is no village in the vicinity within 4/5 km except a check post. Very secluded and deserted area. There is a government bungalow and a forest bungalow to stay. In all, 20/22 tourists are accommodated here.
Best time to visit: November and April.






How to get there: Trekking or Manevanjan can be reached by reserving a jeep.
– A jeep safari will cost 10/11 thousand TK or less for a team of 6 people from Dhaka.
– 7 days trekking will cost 14000+


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