I promise, It Will Be A Memorable Tour.

Let’s go to a different place. Whether it is a private car or public bus, or motorcycle. Be it alone or in groups. I promise it will be a memorable Tour.

Garo hills of Sherpur. Sherpur is a green land of natural beauty. It is possible to visit from Dhaka in one day and the roads are now in truly great condition. With Madhutila Ecopark and Ghajini Holiday, you can now get Border Road running through the hills as a bonus. The cost of living or eating is also relatively affordable compared to other places. If you have a one or two-day tour plan and other questions during this tourist season, write in the comments. I will try to give all the answers inshallah.






Route: From Mohakhali in Dhaka to Sonar Bangla or other buses directly to Sherpur. Madhutila Ecopark or Ghajini Holiday by CNG directly from Khowarpar junction in Sherpur. There are also battery-powered autorickshaws to travel from one place to another.

Cost: 1500 TK per person for a 1-day tour. Even then, it is better to have a 500 TK note in the wallet.

N.B: Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Earl.


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