Nijhum Island is another name for the beautiful green land.

This “silent island” is located in Hatia police station of Noakhali district. Hatia to the north, Bay of Bengal to the south, and Monpura to the west. “Nijhum Island” is called the queen of natural beauty. Countless waves scattering in the Bay of Bengal in the south, unobstructed greenery and thousands of deer have helped “Nijhum Island” to become the queen of beauty. Nature has poured all its beauty into the “silent island” created in the heart of the Bay of Bengal. The beauty of “Nijhum Island” looks like a “sleeping portrait created by a brush stroke in the midst of water and fog”.










One of the main attractions for the visitors is the artificial Sundarbans arranged by the coastal forest department. There are small rivers and streams flowing through the forest, there are many deer, buffaloes, sheep, monkeys and many other wild animals and birds in the forest. The natural ornamental environment of nature, jhauban, cashew flowers, green grass mixed with the natural ornamental environment of nature will fascinate any tourist.











Communication and travel-
Communication and transportation to “Nijhum Island” from anywhere in the country is quite convenient. Launches can be added from Dhaka via Sadarghat, and it is very easy to reach Noakhali by road. You can come from Chittagong by daily ship. Rickshaws or rented motorbikes are available for sightseeing on Nijhum Island. There are high quality residential hotel arrangements for tourists, there is official Dak Bangla which has a guide system to visit completely safely. There are good quality restaurants in a healthy environment for eating. If you want, you can arrange cooking and feasting in the forest at your own risk with the help of the people of the island.
Every day hundreds of people come here from different parts of the country and are thrilled to see the interesting and captivating scenery. You too can come and enjoy the natural beauty of “Nijhum Island”. All kinds of cooperation will be provided inshallah.


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