One day with the porcelain hills and Someshwari river.

I brought a friend to Mymensingh saying that I would take him to Chinamati hill and Someshwari river. Once again he turned around in despair because he had not been able to go because of the heavy rains, so the advice for everyone was to come in the winter to see the real beauty of the porcelain hills and the Someshwari river. First of all, it is better to say that the road to Birishiri is very bad, so it would be better to go by train. I woke up at 5:30 in the morning and went out of the house after prayers. 20 Tk Fare to catch The Local Train of Zaria at 6.30, The train left 30 minutes late. Arriving at 9 am, I had breakfast with dal parota from the hotel in front of the station for Tk 25. From CNG in front of the station to Birishiri, I fixed CNG fare at 50 / – per person, 75 / – per person on a motorcycle, and 40 TK per person in Mahindra. The CNG will take you down to the head of Someshwari Bridge. The CNG driver will tell you which way the ghat is.













If you cross the Someshwari river with 5 TK from the ghat, you can see that the motorcycle, Tomtom, There. If you want, you can reserve it for the whole day or you can go around Individually. However, in my opinion, it would be better to go Individually around because the drivers are in a hurry if they are reserved. After crossing the Someshwari river, I fixed a motorcycle for 30 TK each. The white soil is made of Chinese clay hills and blue water lake. As soon as the white soil came down, a child started walking with us. Name- Rahman, Reads in class two. After some distance, I realized that he had become our guide without saying anything. At first I was a little upset but later I liked the boy l. Talking to Rahman, I found out that he shows people around the mountain as well as the school. Rahman very skillfully showed us all around the lakes and mountains. I gave him 30 Tk when we RETURN. That is why he is very happy. From white clay to tomtom auction to BGB camp, the fare is 25 tk per person. While going to BGB camp, you Can visit the church. At the BGB camp, a ghat was set up to descend into the Someshwari river. The clear water of Someshwari river will make the fatigue of the whole day go away in an instant. On the way back, you Can go straight to Shibganj Bazar with a tomtom (rent 30 / – per person) from the front of BGB camp. After having lunch from the market, I crossed the Someshwari river and went to Mahindra from Durgapur to Zaria station for 40 TK each. Train from Zaria to Mymensingh at 6:10.




How to get there from Dhaka: Dhaka – Mymensingh 220 / – (ENA)



Mymensingh – Zaria 20 / – (Local train runs from Mymensingh to Zaria 4 times a day. 6:30 am, 11 am, 4 pm, 8:30 pm.)Zaria-Birishiri CNG 50 / – (per person)



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