Sajak Valley.

When we were not enrolled in school, we lived in the village. Sometimes on a hot night, I would ask my father how high the clouds were? Dad used to say that the clouds are very close to us. It will be able to catch clouds only when it rises above 900-1500 meters. I was wondering so if ever how do I get to the top?

My father also said that we have many mountains on which we can easily see and catch the clouds.I had a hard time believing that day and thought in my mind that if I could go to this height, I would be able to climb a little above the clouds and travel around the world. Again, it seems that if the clouds fall after the rain? Our childhood and adolescence are spent in various fantasies. If you want to make all those dreams of childhood and adolescence come true, then my writing may help you a bit.











I was talking about Sajek Valley, the kingdom of clouds. The distance from Khagrachhari district headquarters to Sajek is about 70 kilometers. If you want to go to Khagrachhari from Dhaka, you have to go by S Alam, Shanti, or Hanif’s bus.

Among them, we went to S. Alam’s bus. You will find enough space in front of the seat of this bus. Khagrachhari can be reached very early in the morning by leaving Shukarbad at 12 o’clock at night. We arrived at seven in the morning. After getting off the bus and having a fresh breakfast, we started looking for Chad’s car or pickup. 6 of us went. You have to pay 7800 TK to go to Sajek in the moon car and if you want to go in a pickup with a little comfort, you have to pay 9800 TK.







It will be around noon when Sajek will reach from Khagrachhari city via Dighinala and Machalang Bazar. It is better to say that You can go To sajek from Dighinala in an army skirt at ten o’clock in the morning. So you must try to reach Dighinala check post in the meantime. Everyone must have a photo ID.

The journey started at 10 am with the army car in front and behind by writing the name and address of ours. Before, there was no way to take such a skirt. On 31/12/2015, the cadres of the peace force set fire to the car of a family. After that, this system started from January 1, 2016. There was no road here at one time. The road we now travel on started in 2008 and was launched in 2015. The Bangladesh Army also implemented this work. Whatever it is, Sajek was once a tribal resident but is now a permanent resident of Yarakina Kanglak. The hilly roads will occasionally remind you of a roller coaster ride.

After seeing all this, you can reach Sajek and enter the gate. There is a check post from where you can buy a ticket for 20 TK for everyone and a car ticket for 100 TK. If you want, you can stay here in hotels or resorts. There are 63 resorts here, big and small, and about 25 restaurants or food shops. It’s a good idea to let us know in advance if you want to stay or eat anywhere. If you don’t many times, you will see that there is no food or place to stay.

At the end I will put some numbers for adventure lovers. The six of us ate at Rock Prashanti, it was maintained by the Army. At noon, the total cost of forest chicken, rice, vegetables and pulses is 220 TK. And each piece of forest chicken is the size of a leg roast of star Kabab.

Before lunch, we went up to a cottage in Kanlak Para. It is better to say that Kanlak is the highest peak in Sajek. If you want to stay here, you need to know in advance. If you are an adventure lover then you can stay in a tent too. However, it will cost less. And for this, you have to inform at least one week in advance. A gentleman named Asifur Rahman is managing this camping yard called Man Jurani Uthon. After lunch, in Sajeke you don’t have much to do. There is nothing to see then. If you are at the bottom of the helipad number three just before sunset, you will see clouds moving far below your feet. What a wonderful sight. If you want, you can order bamboo chicken just before the evening. It is a very popular local food, with whatever else you want to eat. We ate bamboo chicken, rice, pulses, mashed potatoes and mountain vegetables. If you are very brave, don’t forget to take a bite of chili.

Sooner or later another world begins. There is not much nightlife here, when it is time for a full moon, you will see the moon very closely and the crowded clouds beside it. However, if you want, you will not be able to catch the moon, but the clouds will hold you tight even if you don’t want to.
This is a different world! It is better to eat dinner and go to bed very early. Because the real form is seen very early in the morning. We got up at 5 in the morning. I was shocked to open the door by putting on fresh winter clothes. For those who live in Ruilui Para, the helipad is the best place. From here you can see very well what a beautiful river of clouds is flowing through your bottom. Now you can take some pictures if you want. And if you don’t want to, continue to enjoy the eastern sky, the setting sun of the past will slowly rise from the lap of the mountain.

Enjoying the morning we went for breakfast in the rock tranquility. Khichuri and roasted eggs, it must be said in advance. I will give the number of in-charge here below. After breakfast, we went to the room, packed our bags and this time it was our turn to leave for Khagrachhari town in a skirt at ten in the morning. On the way, there will be some fountains in the base. Then again Khagrachari city. You can have lunch here at the System Hotel. It’s the best here

In addition to red hotel Duck, chicken, dried mashed pulses and vegetables, there are many other things that one would think of before. The cost will be between 300-400 TK per person, but if you want you can eat less, there is a set menu for 180 TK.

If you group 9-10 people then the cost will reduce a lot. It will cost about four thousand TK per person. The six of us went, eating very comfortably cost us about six thousand TK.

It is better to keep the ticket in advance, otherwise, we will have to sit in the back seat and miss the next day’s office or work. When we arrived, the AC bus of Shanti Paribahan cost 850 TK per person. The important thing is that all the buses from here leave for Dhaka at nine o’clock at night. The bus will reach Dhaka by four or five in the morning. These Shanti Paribahan buses go to Gabtali bus terminal. So think about where to get off before you return home. Let them know in advance if you have a car or an arrangement to go to yourself. Go home and sleep, get ready for the next day’s work.

Sajek has no network other than Robi Teletalk.Asif-01820106131 (Mann Jurani Uthon)Rock tranquility- (dining place)Palash- (Driver, he is experienced and polite)DJ King- (System Hotel)


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