Shah Neyamat Ullah Mosque.

Chapainawabganj district is situated on the banks of the river Mahananda. Gaur was the capital of Bengal from 1450 to 1585 AD during the Sultanate period. At that time various installations were developed in Gaur city. The city was abandoned in 1565 as a result of a terrible epidemic and its traces were gradually lost. The ruins of the ancient city of Gaur and the surviving historical sites of Gaur are located in different parts of the district. The district is famous for Nakshikantha, silk, bronze, mango and brass. Shah Niyamat Ullah Mosque is one of them.
Shah Niyamtullah (R.) Mosque and Tomb: Shah Niyamtullah Mosque is located on the northwest side, a short distance from the main palace of Tahkhana. This mosque has three domes. There is a wide open courtyard in front of the mosque. There are walls around the courtyard. In the middle of the wall is an entrance with an arch. The mosque is 63 feet long and 24 feet wide. To the north of this mosque is the tomb of Shah Niyamtullah. Built in a square design and has a veranda around the inner tomb room. There are a total of 12 arched paths with 3 arches each on the east and west and south. It is called ‘Barodwari’ as it has 12 arched paths.





How to get there: The distance from the capital to Chapainawabganj is 316 kilometers. Chapainawabganj can be reached directly by road from the capital. Various transport buses leave from Gabtali and Kalyanpur in Dhaka to Chapainawabganj. The bus services on this route are – Modern Enterprise, National Travels, Hanif Enterprise, Lata Transport, Long Distance Transport, NP Transport etc. The buses ply on this route from morning till night. Rent from 450 to 550 TK. You can also get off the train at Rajshahi and go to Chapainawabganj. There are local and non-stop bus services from Chapainawabganj to Sona Masjid land port. Rent 50 TK.
Where to stay: There are several standard hotels to stay in Chapainawabganj. Hotel Al-Nahid in Shanti corner of the city, Hotel Swapnapuri in Arambagh, Hotel Raj in Lakherajpara, Hotel Rangdhanu in the same area. In addition, there are several other hotels in the city. You can stay in these hotels for 300 to 1000 TK.


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